Fangar Son of Drogar Giantsbane

Barbarian of the Rocky Vale, ex-slave


STR: 14
CON: 18
DEX: 12
INT: 9
WIS: 14
CHA: 9


Fangar was born the son of Drogar Giantsbane (so named for singlehandedly slaying a dozen giants during a fierce battle). His mother, like many women, died to bring him into the world. No matter. As the tribe’s greatest warrior, Drogar had many beautiful wives.

Drogar trained his son for years in the ways of hunting and tracking and combat, hoping that one day his son Fangar would challenge the tribe’s King and lead the tribe himself.

Then, the tribe was set upon by an army of slavers that came in the moonless night. A hundred hobgoblins, giants, trolls and more poured over the rocks and caught the Tribe of the Rocky Vale sleeping. Nearly all were killed or captured. Drogar was among the dead, and Fangar, not yet a man, was taken prisoner.

He was chained to a thousand other slaves and forced to march for miles, away from the Rocky Vale, across the Howling Waste, and through the Mourning Bog. He was sold at an auction and bundled onto a ship.

For eleven years, he was bound in servitude.

Fangar worked in the forge for his Master. It was mind-numbing, back-breaking work, swinging a massive two-handed hammer fifteen hours a day, pounding lumps of metal flat into sheets, to be sold to coopers to make bands for holding barrels together.

For eleven years Fangar did this.

Until one day, Fangar managed to get his hands on a piece of metal scrap. He spent a fortnight sharpening his metal scrap against the walls of his cell. When it had been sharpened down to a fine edge, Fangar effected his escape, slaughtering a half dozen guards in the process.

He stole a rowboat and rowed out alone from his Master’s island, never to return.

Several days later, Fangar was found washed ashore with the broken wreckage of his rowboat, a huge two-handed hammer beside him, and a sharp piece of scrap metal tucked into his belt. The old crippled Dwarf that found him woke him up and took him in.

Fangar Son of Drogar Giantsbane

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