Dyrtok Stonehold

Monster Hunter


Dyrtok Stonehold is one of the most famous Monster Hunters in the world. He singlehandedly defeated Garador, the Half Minotaur-Half Wyvern abomination that terrorized the Southern Pass.

He drove off the Horde of Galumphing Zyrblexes from the Halfling farmlands.

He slaid Tronk All-Killer the Troll-King.

He fought Wyvitherax the Red to a retreat and lived to tell the tale. The Dragon took both his legs, half an arm, an eye, and scarred his face so badly his beard would never grow again, but he lived.

Now, Dyrtok Stonehold has retired from hunting monsters, settled down, and used his extensive savings from decades of Adventuring to get some top-quality magic prosthetic limbs, and open up a freelance Monster Hunting business.

He takes in young, eager would-be adventurers and sends them to face off against the monsters in all the corners of the Realm in exchange for payment. Sometimes they don’t come back. It’s no hassle.

There’s always another hero.

Dyrtok Stonehold

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